Oxycodone Detox Center in Georgia

Don’t let the pain of withdrawal, or the fear of failure, keep you trapped in the downward spiral of oxycodone addiction. Our detox professionals can keep you safe and comfortable as you take your first steps on the path toward long-term recovery.

Necessity of Detox

Learn Why Detox Can Be Necessary for Effective Treatment

Oxycodone is an extremely potent medication that is found within many different prescription painkiller medications, such as OxyContin and Percocet. Although this medication is highly beneficial in providing relief to those who need it, it also has great potential to cause both abuse and addiction. When consumed, oxycodone and oxycodone-combination medications can lead to pleasing effects that attract users ranging from those who require them for medical needs, to those who desire them for recreational purposes.

As an individual starts to regularly abuse oxycodone, he or she can quickly begin to develop a tolerance to it, as his or her body becomes used to the presence of it and then requires more of it so that the desired effects can be achieved. As the individual starts to take more and more oxycodone, or begins consuming it more often, his or her body can become dependent on it. Therefore, the body becomes unable to function in the same manner it did prior to the introduction of oxycodone. When this type of chemical dependency has developed and the individual attempts to end his or her oxycodone use, he or she will likely grapple with withdrawal.


Benefits of Oxycodone Detox

There are a number of benefits in choosing to partake in detox services as one of the first steps towards recovering from an addiction to oxycodone. Some of these great benefits can include the following:

  • Community: Those who are obtaining detox treatment worldwide are part of a tightly knit community that can serve as a source of support for those who are recovering from an addiction to oxycodone. While in detox, one can begin making connections within the community and can develop an appreciation of the support provided by those who have shared similar struggles.
  • Therapeutic support: In addition to providing medications, the professionals at our detox center are able to help clients work out their pain through many different therapeutic interventions. The skills achieved at the time of detox can also be very effective during the treatment process, as well as after the client has finished care and gone home to resume their life in Georgia or elsewhere.
  • Comfort: The medically supervised detox services provided at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center can decrease the most painful symptoms of withdrawal, helping clients end their oxycodone abuse in less pain than they would suffer otherwise.
  • Security: Clients will not be able to access any substances of abuse while they are detoxing at Blue Ridge, which eliminates the risk that they will succumb to their cravings and suffer a relapse prior to finishing detox.
  • Safety: Oxycodone withdrawal is typically not a dangerous experience, however, complications can occur. Our professionals are ready to respond to any issues within a manner that safeguards the health and well-being of all patients at Blue Ridge.
  • Continuity: When a client completes detox at Blue Ridge, he or she can hen transition to the next level of care for his or her addiction to oxycodone. This continuity of care increases the odds that the client will be successful during treatment and will be strong in his or her early recovery.

Withdrawal Effects

What Happens During Oxycodone Withdrawal

Withdrawal occurs when the body tries to readjust itself to how it was prior to when oxycodone when introduced. This can be a highly taxing and painful process, and in some instances, even present many dangers. Some of the possible symptoms that can develop when an individual is experiencing oxycodone withdrawal can include, however, are not limited to, the following:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Vomiting
  • Extreme cravings
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Shakiness
  • Nausea
  • Agitation

Because withdrawal symptoms can be so highly painful, many individuals find that they start searching for any way possible to put an end to the negative physical and psychological effects they are experiencing. One method of doing this is by abusing oxycodone once again, which has the potential to continually encourage this deadly pattern of abuse and addiction.

Our Detox Program

Consider Blue Ridge Detox for Oxycodone Abuse

Blue Ridge is one of the leading treatment centers in Georgia that offers detox for oxycodone addiction. Individuals can avoid continuing to abuse oxycodone to minimize withdrawal symptoms by engaging themselves fully in the detoxification, or detox. This is a physiological process where toxic substance are removed from one’s body. By partaking in a dedicated oxycodone detox treatment center, individuals can have oxycodone removed from their bodies without having to suffer from the same kinds of symptoms that would occur otherwise at the time of withdrawal.

At Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center in Georgia, we work to make sure that the process of detox is as comfortable as possible for each one of our clients. We understand the strength and bravery that it takes to participate in detox, and we commend those who show this type of courage and resolve.

Our detox center offers comprehensive services that provide individuals with 24/7 nursing care and continuous interactions with our medical team while they are in detox. The medical professionals we have employed at our treatment center do everything within their power to ensure the comfort and safety of each client, which includes teaching the skills required to uphold long-term sobriety.

At Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, we understand the importance of making the decision to obtain detox at the start of one’s recovery from oxycodone addiction. We believe that an individual should not be defined by his or her addiction, which is why we always provide customized treatment that is effective in addressing the client where he or she is at within his or her recovery. Therefore, each client within our care can be confident that he or she can achieve a successful recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to oxycodone and want to learn more about the detox services we supply, please contact us right now.

Blue Ridge heals the mind, body and spirit. They really help get to the core of what's behind the addiction!

– Daniel

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