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You already know that marijuana abuse can be devastating. What you may not realize is that help and hope are just a phone call away. At Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, you can get the care that you need to live a healthy and satisfying life.

Treatment for Marijuana Abuse

Learn More About the Treatment We offer for Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana, often called “weed,” “pot,” or “grass,” is a mixture of dried shredded leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa. Most individuals who use marijuana do so by rolling the dried mixture into a cigarette and smoking it, although some do cook pot into edibles to reduce the harmful effects of the marijuana smoke. The THC in marijuana is responsible for its effects by stimulating cannabinoid receptors on the surface of nerve cells in areas that control memory, pleasure, thinking, movement, coordination, time perception, sensory perception, and concentration. The high experienced by marijuana user’s cause feelings of pleasure and euphoria as well as loss of short-term memory and negative effects on other areas of mental processes.

Over time, the overstimulation of the cannabinoid receptors can cause structural and functional changes in the brain which can lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms – similar to those of nicotine withdrawal – when the marijuana usage is stopped.

Long-term marijuana usage can lead to addiction, meaning that users may not be able to control their drug use or stop smoking pot even though it interferes with daily life. Current estimates are that 9% of individuals who smoke weed will become dependent upon it. For those struggling with marijuana abuse, it is imperative to seek rehab at a treatment center.

Research has indicated that the negative effects of marijuana on memory, learning and attention last for days to weeks after usage is stopped. Individuals who engage in pot smoking every day may function at a reduced intelligence level most of the time. When a person becomes addicted to marijuana, their social relationships may become strained as much time is devoted to seeking out the drug, smoking it, and recovering from being high. Scholastic and academic performance may be hindered as an individual may suffer short-term memory loss and poor concentration.

Marijuana addiction can feel frightening – you’ve become so physically and psychologically dependent upon its effects that you can’t picture a life without weed. At Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center in Georgia, we understand and respect your fears and concerns. Through our comprehensive rehab, we can help you discover a life outside of pot.

Why Consider Blue Ridge

Why Consider Residential Treatment for Marijuana Abuse

Burrowed in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia, our residential treatment center for addiction is like no other. We offer over 40 rolling acres of beautiful scenery in our safe and secure residential center for our residents to explore as they seek rehabilitation to recover from marijuana addiction.

Our rehab for marijuana addiction is based upon the 12-step model for addiction treatment that has been proven to be an effective manner for treating marijuana abuse. We spend a great deal of time getting to know you, your struggles and concerns, the challenges you face, and issues surrounding your addiction. When you arrive at our treatment center, we’ll perform extensive evaluations to determine whether or not you’re struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness and the degree to which you are addicted to marijuana. This will help us learn more about you and allow us to develop an individualized rehab plan that will work for you.

We see you as more than your marijuana addiction and symptoms of a mental illness – you’re a whole person and as such our plan of care focuses largely on meeting and treating all of your needs. When you’re with us at Blue Ridge, you’re a part of our family. It’s time to get the rehab you need to overcome your marijuana addiction.

Philosophy & Benefits

Rehab Philosophy and Benefits

At our treatment center, our addiction rehab approach is based on two things: evidence-based treatments and you. We’re proud of the addiction treatments offered at our treatment center as they’ve stood the test of time and allowed us to help many men and women just like you break free from the stronghold of addiction.

One of the first steps in our rehab is to know as much as we can about what makes you, you in order to provide you with an individually-tailored plan of care. We’ll address all your needs – spiritual, mental, emotional, vocational, social, and legal during your stay with us in Georgia so that we are able to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our holistic approach to treatment is like no other.

Treatment Types

Treatment Approaches for Marijuana Abuse

Science has shown that the very best treatment for marijuana addiction is a residential program that involves both medication management as well as a variety of therapeutic approaches. After we’ve spent a great deal of time getting to know you, you’ll work side-by-side with your treatment team to create a plan for your unique rehab process.

If our physical examination determines that you will need to detox from marijuana and other substances in your body, you’ll first enter into our detox program. In our complete detoxification program, we’ll safely and effectively rid your body of marijuana and other substances in a controlled manner. When you are medically stabilized, you will move into the next step of your rehab.

Medication may or may not be a part of your plan of care while you’re at our treatment center. Some individuals may require medication at the beginning of treatment to manage any withdrawal symptoms. Others find that they may need long-term medication management to properly treat any co-occurring mental disorders. In addition to medication management, we also offer a number of rehab approaches.

Throughout rehab at Blue Ridge in Georgia, individual therapy provides you with one-on-one time with a therapist to discuss your addiction and the problems it has caused in your life. You’ll carefully work through ways you can remedy the problems marijuana has caused you, learn valuable coping skills, and identify triggers for your marijuana usage.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to correct the ways in which you think. During your time at our treatment center, negative and incorrect thought patterns will be slowly replaced with a more realistic view of the world. By replacing these negative thoughts with more positive ones, you will be able to change your behaviors.

Reality-based therapy (RT) is used to focus on problems in the immediate environment and strategies for handling them. You will learn how to properly react to real-life situations in order to avoid problem behaviors.

Group therapy is a large part of your treatment at our center as it provides you with the opportunity to connect with others who are also battling an addiction to marijuana. Process-based groups are designed to allow you to discuss your feelings about a particular subject in a group setting. Psychoeducational groups seek to educate you about specific topics such as anger management, addiction triggers, and relapse prevention.

As addiction is a family disease, our treatment center we firmly believe in including your loved ones in your rehab. Family sessions will be used to discuss the ways that addiction has affected your family. We will also educate your family about your addiction, co-occurring disorders, and your recovery. We offer a two-day intensive educational experience at our center in Georgia for your loved ones to learn more about your disease and recovery.

In addition to traditional therapeutic management, we also offer a number of experiential treatments. These include:

  • Art programs
  • Recreational programs
  • Spiritual counseling
  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Guided meditation

After Treatment

Continuing Care – What Happens Next?

After you and your treatment team have determined that you have completed rehab at Blue Ridge, we will work together to determine next steps. Some individuals opt for a similarly structured program such as an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) while others will discharge to home. If you are discharging to home, we will connect you with local providers in Georgia or elsewhere to find an outpatient therapist who can best meet your needs. We’ll provide you with an appointment time and contact person as well as available community resources to allow for your continued healing.

Above all, we want you to be successful in your marijuana addiction recovery.

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I found the accommodations at Blue Ridge to be resort-like, while the counselors and staff took a serious interest in my recovery journey.

– Mason
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