Blue Ridge Staff

You face many challenges each day, but you don’t have to face them alone. Let Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center help you discover your inner strength and overcome your trials with confidence.

Meet the caring, compassionate staff of Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center.

Executive Team


Business Development

  • Colleen Gray, EdD, LPC, CAADC, MATS

Business Office

  • Elyse Browne
  • Rachel Gates


  • Kelsey Friedrich
  • Andrea Tyler, CADC II
  • Kenneth Rowell, CAC II, MCAP
  • Cassaundra Bingaman
  • Adam Pelerose
  • Kaitlin Harden, CES
  • Brian Anderson, CAC II
  • Emily McGonigal
  • Desiree Simmons
  • Holly Thornhill
  • Emily Almand
  • Scott Bagley
  • Kent Stump
  • Nick Valdes, MA, CADC-T
  • Joseph House, MA
  • Amy Nun, CAC
  • Margaret Sinatra, MSW
  • Jeff Duckworth, MSW
  • Gerson Blaise
  • Jacob Pashia, CADCI
  • Charlie Spradley


  • Deborah Goodwin, RN
  • Mackenzie Nall, LPN
  • Robin Watson, RN
  • April Beavers-Grant, LPN
  • Jennifer Lowry, RN
  • Susan Dyer, LPN
  • Debi Moore, LPN
  • Chris Avera, RN
  • Joseph Davis, LPN
  • Michelle Cheeke, LPN - Charge Nurse
  • Pam Burgess, LPN
  • Amy Elrod, LPN - Charge Nurse


  • Hope Eigenhuis
  • Bryan Gales
  • Ryan Cargle


  • Brandy McClure
  • Samantha Bryant

I will forever be thankful for the time I spent at Blue Ridge!

– Evelyn